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    NUBLU 151 Avenue C NY NY

    Psychomachia Book V
    Nublu Monthly Residency

    Come celebrate the beginning of a new year with music, dance, and song. This night is going to be one for the books. Psychomachia is a bite size musical festival where (3) bands and a DJ take over for a evening of collaboration through sound. Psychomachia was created by Boyd lead vocalist of the Brooklyn based band, Phantom Vanity.
    “As independent musicians we must take care of our own and give attention to aiding and empowering other artist(s) that are striving to bring positive change to the industry and the community.” -Boyd.

    January 25th 2018 Featuring:

    Happy Birth Anniversary to DJ RickExpress! He will be spinning all the Funk and Soul throughout the night.
    RickExpress loves exploring all creative forms, describing that real creativity comes to life "when darkness meets the light of my music."

    Instagram: @rickexpress
    Facebook : #Therickexpress

    •Andrew Bailie
    Andrew Bailie is an American songwriter, singer and guitarist. Bailie’s songs are woven from his own hopes, fears, enchantment and trepidations, tapping into the common human experiences that give us pause, inspire longing, or set us ablaze. Look for the debut release “Wasteland” available everywhere soon.

    Instagram: @Andrew_Bailie
    Facebook: #AndrewBailieMusic

    •Axel & Cu-Bop Band
    Breathing a blend of Jazz, Timba, And Funk Axel keeps the dance floor electrified. Quickly becoming the go to pianist in the NY music scene.

    Instagram : @axelunity
    Facebook: #AxelLaugart

    •Phantom Vanity
    Lead singer Boyd will also be celebrating her Pre-Birthday! With inspirations from funk, folk, and soul, this brand new sound is about bringing truth, and inspiring dance within their listeners. Debut EP ‘Vintage Slacker’ is available at all online sources.

    Instagram: @boydofphantomvanity
    Facebook: #PVthanksyou

    $10 Advance Online Tickets
    $15 Door Tickets

    Door opens at 8:00
    Party rocks until it stops rocking.